Lou's Legislation

Assemblyman Greenwald is the sponsor of many bills and resolutions in the Assembly’s 2008-2009 session. His legislative areas of focus include budget issues, health care, economic development, and making New Jersey more business-friendly, among others. Here is a short cross-section of Assemblyman Greenwald’s bills this session. For a complete list of Assemblyman Greenwald’s bills, you can click here.

A-100: Establishes the “2009 New Jersey Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project Act” to remove the appearance of undue special interest influence on the electoral process.

A-3371: Prohibits hospitals from charging patients or third-party payers for the costs associated with certain hospital-acquired conditions.

A-3625: Rebalances state resources to make community services and supports available to the developmentally disabled.

A-3290: Increases penalties, including requiring license suspension for certain health care professionals and other personnel, for willful improper disposal of medical waste.

A-1909: Permits in-person professional sports betting at Atlantic City casinos, pending voter approval.

A-2956: Requires employees of and individuals applying for employment to State psychiatric hospitals to undergo drug testing.

A-2604: Authorizes expenditures from open space trust funds to develop or maintain recreation and conservation land within municipalities.

A-3294: Establishes the InvestNJ Business Grant Program, providing a $3,000 tax credit to certain employers who create a job in New Jersey, provided they retain that employee for one year.

A-2078: Requires the Department of Education to report to the Legislature on its performance in overseeing New Jersey’s school districts.

A-738: Requires the State police to create a recently relocated offenders section within the current Megan’s Law sex offender online registry.

A-725: Requires the Department of Children and Families to provide new mothers with a resource guide about Shaken Baby Syndrome and that such a resource guide be available in both English and Spanish.

A-2595: The “New Jersey Health Insurance Reform Act;” Restructures the health insurance marketplace of the State to stabilize costs of and enrollment in individual and small employer health benefits plans.